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Downtown: An Overview of the Civic Center Neighborhood in Stockton, CA

Stockton Civic CenterStockton Civic Center is a neighborhood in the Stockton, CA area. The Civic Center is home to many parks and community events that bring people together each year. There are also numerous schools and entertainment venues nearby. For those of you who want to learn more about this beautiful place, we have created an overview for you!

The most important buildings of Civic Center in Stockton are the Civic Auditorium, Civic Convention Center and the City Hall.

The Civic Auditorium is a large performance space with an excellent acoustics that can accomodate up to 7000 people at once. It was designed by architect Frank P. Loyd Wright in 1956 for Stockton Civic Theatre Guilds, and it’s one of the most beautiful buildings from this era still standing today!

There are many different types of events happening inside Civic Auditorium – concerts (rock, funk, classical), conferences, meetings and trainings; there is something for everyone here! The Civic also offers more than just performances- if you want to take some time off during your day or have lunch nearby where all work stops then come on over!

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The history of the Civic Center neighborhood is rich and full of life. Civic Center is the heart of Stockton, CA – it’s where people come to center themselves after a long day at work or school, meet up with friends for lunch, or take their kids down by the water fountain so they can get some exercise in!

The Civic Theater has been around since 1963 when it was built as an open-air theater and now operates seasonally from April through October; there are shows every night during July and August! The Civic offers live concerts on Friday nights that start at dusk (around sundown) and Saturday matinees starting at noon until sunset. Come join us in Civic Center Park this summer for great entertainment under the stars!

The Pittman Elementary School is also located in Civic Center and is a great place to go for some learning and play. The Pittman School offers after-school programs, an early drop off program on Fridays in the summer so kids can have more fun that day, as well as Saturday classes throughout the year!

The Civic Center is also home of one of our favorite annual events: The Stockton Asparagus Festival! Be sure to come out this April 20th through the 22nd or any date thereafter when you want fresh vegetables from local farms, craftsmen with their creations all around Civic Center Park, live blues music by “Cypress Grove” and free family entertainment every night at Civic Theater.

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