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Stockton’s Most Loved Neighborhood: Lakeview

Lakeview in Stockton, CALakeview is Stockton’s most loved neighborhood! Lakeview has an eclectic feel, with a mix of houses and businesses that range from the 1920s to today. Lakeview offers something for everyone, including: parks, schools, shopping centers and more. Lakeview is located in central Stockton which means it’s close to everything you need. Whether you’re looking for fun or relaxation Lakeview has what you’re looking for!

Lakeview is just north of Hammer Lane in Stockton and east of West Side Freeway, so Lakeview is in the center of town. Lakeview offers a variety of housing, including: single-family homes, duplexes and apartments for rent. Lakeview has many parks to choose from that are easily accessible such as Lake View Park or Brookside Park.

There’s plenty to do in Lakeview when you are visiting Stockton in California! When you want to relax head over to Lake Merritt Regional Shoreline for fishing and picnicking by the lake or spend time at one of Stockton’s most popular recreation areas – Riverbank State Park where you’ll find tennis courts, basketball courts, bike rentals and picnic areas with BBQ grills available on site.

If you are visiting Lakeview with your children, you will be happy to know that Lakeview is home to one of the city’s best public elementary schools Lakewood Elementary.

A few blocks from Lake Merritt Regional Shoreline and Riverbank State Park, there are shops for shopping at Lakeview Village Shopping Center or you can head over to downtown Stockton where businesses have sprung up in recent years.

Lakeview has many parks to choose from that are easily accessible such as: Lake View Park, Brookside Park, Valley Springs Nature Area or Graystone Quarry Gardens. All these great recreational areas make it easy for families who live in Lakeview to get together with other members of their neighborhood without having a long drive on congested roads.

The most important buildings of Lakeview are Lakeview Elementary School, Lake View Cemetery and Lakeview Church.

Mobile Mechanic Pros Stockton has many customers from the neighborhood. 

One of the most popular restaurants in Lakeview is Mama Mia’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, which serves fresh made to order pizzas as well as a variety of pasta dishes or salads for those who are not into pizza but enjoy Italian food.

Lakeview residents have access to many different types of businesses that fit their lifestyle such as: Steel City Coffee Roasters (coffee), The Fish House Sportfishing Charters (fishing) Latitude 36 Winery Tasting Room (wine tasting). There are also service providers like Lake County Department Of Public Health Services and companies with area offices like Nucor Corporation.

You should also visit the Pacific neighborhood in Stockton. 



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