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A Weekend in Stockton: Eating at the Market Tavern

Market Tavern in Stockton, CAMarket Tavern is a Stockton, California restaurant that has been around for over 50 years. The Market Tavern is one of the most popular restaurants in the area and they offer some of the best food in town. We recently visited Market Tavern to try out their menu and see why this place is so loved by locals!

What are the most recommended dishes at Market Tavern?

We ordered the Market Tavern Steak Sandwich for an appetizer. It was beautifully cooked and had a delicious BBQ sauce on it that made our mouths water! The Market Tavern burger is also one of their most popular dishes, so we tried that as well. We were not disappointed with either choice as they both tasted amazing – but the Market tavern steak sandwich won out between the two in terms of taste and value!

The Market Tavern’s chicken strip plate (with fries) seemed like something worth trying because restaurants around here don’t often make them. While they are a bit different from what you might think when ordering “chicken strips,” these ones were still good enough to order again if we come back. They have some other great food items too in Stockton, California.

Is this a good place for my children?

We were pleasantly surprised by Market Tavern’s kid-friendliness. They had a few different kids’ menu options that our daughter liked, and the staff was friendly and welcoming to her while she dined with us. We thought it might be difficult for her because of the noise level but there are booths in some sections where you can eat more privately if needed!

The Market is also family-friendly on Saturdays when they have a “kids cook” station set up near their grill area – your little ones will love this chance to help out in making dinner!

Mobile Mechanic Pros Stockton recommends this restaurant as well. 

Do I need reservations?

Only during peak hours: breakfast/lunch (weekdays) or after work drinks (Friday evenings). Otherwise, walk right up at any hours and you will be seated in a few minutes.

Market Tavern at 236 Lincoln Center, Stockton, CA 95207 is not an expensive restaurant, and this is a nice place to enjoy a good meal with friends and family.

The Market Tavern in Stockton, CA has many different types of food available for customers such as the Market Burger (with house made ketchup) or their Market Veggie Burrito but my favorite dish there are the Market Calamari Fries! The Market also offers seafood options like Fish Tacos served on crisp corn tortillas topped with fresh cabbage slaw, lime crema & homemade salsa – it’s hard for me to choose which one I want because they’re all so yummy!

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